"With Holger Kolodziej, who is also the Resident Conductor of the WSO, the BDLO North has been able to undertake a professional and highly competent Artistic Director for this music, ... "

"Above all, conductor Holger Kolodziej was impressive ... in the completeness of his all-round performance during the evening which was fascinating and unimpaired in the finest of piani, rich in sound, sumptuous in expression."

"Holger Kolodziej’s temperament combined with the control of his baton encouraged ... a performance which was full of energy and high spirits, where fun was had by one and all."

"The conductor Holger Kolodziej ... dealt with his difficult task with clarity and thoroughness. He was sure in his choice of tempo leading the ensemble with skill and definition on to an interpretation both rounded and satisfying. Whether lively and powerful, inwardly lyrical or noble and strong, the expression was spot on ... "

"The conductor Holger Kolodziej ... arose in the second and third acts to a Handelian style full of dramatic accentuation, enabling this rich music to truly sparkle."

" ... with well-balanced gestures Holger Kolodziej structures the tempi and the timbre right from the start yet clearly asserting his own strength of will."

" ... Kolodziej’s musical ability, his clear guidance and perfect organisation as well as his calm, reflecting manner were much appreciated in the count’s city."

" ... driven on by the effervescent musical drive of Holger Kolodziej ... "

" ... with a close interaction of the solos and tuttis the conductor Holger Kolodziej created a veritable dialogue ... "

"Kolodziej’s conducting was unpretentious and competent."

"The confidence of the strings ... and the overall supervision of the conductor ... "

"The work (Schubert’s 7th symphony) is only "unfinished" in the sense that it should have had four movements. Complete in its two-tiered balance it is apt to inspire many a conductor with a particular passion. Holger Kolodziej is just such a conductor!"